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A significant turning point for me in terms of how I produce and create my art came in the year 2018. I was transitioning through a more authentic version of myself. This realization is now reflected in many of my current creations.

For decades I doubted my creative abilities, mainly because I’m self-taught and without formal training. I have since come to realize that this fact need not hinder me from expressing my creativity or from following my bliss. Whenever I’m in my creative zone, I’m able to let go of the concept of time, accept what is, and truly feel that which moves me.

I’ve noticed the creative process getting easier; more enjoyable. I wake up and I can’t wait to get to my easel, rain or shine. The creative block has finally dissipated.

ON MY EASEL – “Memories by Commission”

Artist Joan A Brown House on the Praire commission acrylic painting image
Memories by Commission for Ed

I was asked a while back to paint this piece. It has sentimental value to the person who commissioned the art, who also happens to be a dear friend.

Initially, I thought I would paint it in oils, but due to time constraints, I decided to paint it using acrylics, which is a bit more challenging for me to work with, but much faster drying and therefore won’t take me as long to complete. Acrylics is not my usual medium to work with when painting realistic landscapes such as this one.

I’m working on a 16 x 20 stretched canvas. I’ll post photos of the finished piece soon.

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About Artist Joan A Brown 👩🏾‍🎨 Visual / 🎨 Commissioned Artist 🎯 Guidance Life Coach 💪🏾 Empowering Myself & Others 🌍 Advocate for Collective #oneness 🎬 •Dove Canada Campaign 🇨🇦 VISIT 👇🏾 website 📲 Contact me Email: joan@joanabrown.art Web: joanabrown.art My name is Joan A Brown. I am a Self-Representing Visual Artist and certified Life Skills Coach. I enjoy using my skills for the purpose of enhancing the lives of others. I have a passion for new experiences and passing that knowledge along to others. I use these acquired skills and experiences to help individuals empower themselves and reach their goals. Furthermore, my aim is to produce quality artworks and various mixed-media geared at visually enhancing your personal and-or professional surroundings, which will in turn improve your mood, bring you joy, and connect you to your higher self.


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