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New Consciousness on Easel

Check out my current project New Consciousness on Easel is a good representation of the significant turning point for me in terms of how I produce and create my art came in the year 2018. I was transitioning through a more authentic version of myself. This realization is now reflected Read More…

Mountain Landscape scene oil painting by artist Joan A Brown

From Imagination to Book Cover

Rocky Mountain Sunset | From Imagination to Canvas to Book Cover Art. There are no words to adequately express how grateful I feel to have had the privilege to have one of my oil paintings, “Rocky Mountain Sunset”, selected and licensed as the cover art for the book, “Waiting On God“, a

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Welcome Visitors!

ARTIST JOAN A BROWN— Artist Statement — A Brief…Brief History My name is Joan A Brown. I am a Self-Representing Visual Artist and certified Life Skills Coach. I enjoy using my skills for the purpose of enhancing the lives of others. I have a passion for new experiences and passing Read More…

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