I’ve conducted my own research to help me better understand the benefits of Shea Butter. I’ve used Shea Butter for years now, but I never understood how it does such a fantastic job at keeping my skin soft and youthful—the real Shea Butter that is.

Unfortunately, when I first started using store-bought Shea Butter, I didn’t know enough about it. I just remembered reading the label, and since I couldn’t pronounce many of the ingredients, I never bothered and kept buying it because I liked the smell. I didn’t pay much attention to the fact that it wasn’t doing my skin much good. In fact it created new skin issues which eventually caused me to stop using store-bought creams, including so-called Shea Butter.

Later when I received a gift of unrefined Shea Butter brought to me directly from Lagos, I was amazed by how quickly it healed my very chapped heels and made my skin feel as though I had a spa day. Back then, I was only using it on my feet. Now I use it on my entire body.

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One Buuri Shea Butter

In particular, One Buuri organic Shea Butter comes directly from the people who make it…no middle person. You could say this Shea Butter comes straight from the tree, to the jar, and then to you. One Buuri Shea Butter is among the best Shea Butter out there. However, you won’t find this Shea Butter at your local supermarket. It comes straight from the One Buuri Project, located in Ghana; hand-made, 100% pure and in its unrefined state.

Before I knew any better, I purchased products I thought were authentic “Shea Butter” but after digging deeper, I learned that many of these products are not much more than creams saturated with chemicals, fillers and other bi-products which actually created the problems I was having with my skin such as acne, pronounced varicose veins, premature wrinkling, etc.

How do I know those store-bought items were the problem? Because I no longer use them and I no longer have those issues. It’s a well-known trick called “process of elimination”. I’ve used organic Shea products for some time now, and I’m willing to vouch that it’s partly responsible for my youthful look (I’m no spring chicken), as well as why my skin consistently looks and feels hydrated.

But, you don’t have to take my word for it. A bit of a disclaimer here:
I’m not a doctor of dermatology. I’m simply sharing my personal experience. What works for me is no guarantee to work for anyone else.

The best way to learn about anything in life is to experience it for yourself. Why not try the ONE BUURI organic Shea Butter and at the same time support a good cause.

Order Your Shea Butter Now!

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One Buuri project shea butter product 3

I currently have a limited amount available in my online store for as low as $8.99 USD for the 120ml jars.

If you’d like more information about the One Buuri Shea Butter Project, please Contact Charles Alemna.
Email: onebuuri@gmail.com
WhatsApp: +233277084350

Would You Like To Help?

Click here to donate to help support the women who produce One Buuri Shea butter

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