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The Benefits of Shea Butter

I’ve conducted my own research to help me better understand the benefits of Shea Butter. I’ve used Shea Butter for years now, but I never understood how it does such a fantastic job at keeping my skin soft and youthful—the real Shea Butter that is. Unfortunately, when I first started Read More…

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One Buuri Shea Butter Sale

About One Buuri Shea Butter One of the ways I’m helping One Buuri Project raise funds is through the marketing and sale of their high quality organic shea butter produced by the women of the One Buuri Shea Butter Project. ONE BUURI Shea Butter Available for SALE Shipping to USA Read More…

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One Buuri Project Fundraiser

What is the “One Buuri Shea Butter Project” Fundraiser? It has come to our attention that many in Ghana who want to donate to this fundraiser are not able to contribute through this venue. Donors from Ghana who want to donate to the Empowering Women & Youths One Buuri Project Read More…

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