Brampton Library Artist Showcase, Artist Joan A Brown

In this two-part video segment, Self-taught Contemporary Visual Artist Joan A Brown shares with her audience a glimpse into her start as a self taught, artist, as well as offers an easy to follow step-by-step demonstration, which highlights how she paints clouds in her own unique signature style that is quick and EASY, yet very realistic using a limited palette anyone can master.

Brampton Library Artist Showcase, Artist Joan A Brown Presents: “How To Paint Realistic Clouds”

Clouds Painting fundamentals

One of the basic fundamentals of creating a beautiful landscape painting is knowing how to paint the sky and clouds. “Clouds” as a subject in any style of painting can be somewhat challenging to paint in a manner that make them appear realistic—if that’s the look and feel the artist is aiming for. However, in this digital presentation, Joan makes it look easy, using a technique she developed herself called, “cleaning the brush”, and have used for decades in her oils, acrylics paintings.

Follow Your Creative Passions

artist Joan A Brown Culture Days Italian Horse20
Artist Joan A Brown Culture Days Italian Stallion (Horse Drawing Charcoal)

Often times people shy away from following their creative passions due to fear of what others may think, lack of confidence in their creative abilities, or because of fear that what they want to create may not fit into the mainstream. Joan has never allowed any of these imagined or real nay-sayers stop her from expressing herself and the world around her through her paintings, many of them landscapes featuring memories and landmarks of Alberta the province where she still calls home.

Are Self-taught Artists Real Artists?

In this candid interview and demonstration, Joan reveals the valuable lesson she learned as a successful “self-taughter” and artist educator. For those interested in becoming a “self-taught” Artist, as well as following their own (not someone else’s idea) creative bliss, or as Joan describes it: “puts me into the zone of who I am”…In my opinion, everyone is born an artist. One only need let go and allow their creative energies to flow.

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