Out with the Old in with the New

Folks, I’m clearing out the old to make room for the new. Many of you who have followed me over the years enjoy my work and so I’ve decided to give away a few archived pieces.

See something you like? Simply contact me and let me know which one. I’ll put it on hold for you. You pay the shipping and handling and I’ll do the rest to make sure you get your masterpiece.

I didn’t expend any energies editing these photos. They are all original works by yours truly. I will make sure they are signed before shipping.

Have any questions? You can contact me here.

(curbside pick up is also available)

Available Giveaways

Most of these are FREE for the taking. First come first serve! Send me an email letting know what you’re interested in. I will find out ship/hand costs to your location and let you know.

Images marked with a price are accepted donations. If you’d like to contribute, I’d love a coffee.

Click on each thumbnails to see more detail

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About Artist Joan A Brown 👩🏾‍🎨 Visual / 🎨 Commissioned Artist 🎯 Guidance Life Coach 💪🏾 Empowering Myself & Others 🌍 Advocate for Collective #oneness 🎬 •Dove Canada Campaign 🇨🇦 VISIT 👇🏾 website 📲 Contact me Email: joan@joanabrown.art Web: joanabrown.art My name is Joan A Brown. I am a Self-Representing Visual Artist and certified Life Skills Coach. I enjoy using my skills for the purpose of enhancing the lives of others. I have a passion for new experiences and passing that knowledge along to others. I use these acquired skills and experiences to help individuals empower themselves and reach their goals. Furthermore, my aim is to produce quality artworks and various mixed-media geared at visually enhancing your personal and-or professional surroundings, which will in turn improve your mood, bring you joy, and connect you to your higher self.


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