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Waiting On God by Sierra Hrappstead

Rocky Mountain Sunset | From Imagination to Canvas to Book Cover Art

There are no words to adequately express how grateful I feel to have had the privilege to have one of my oil paintings, “Rocky Mountain Sunset”, selected and licensed as the cover art for the book, “Waiting On God“, a collection of 105 heartfelt poems by Canadian Author, Sierra Hrappstead.

Mountain Landscape scene oil painting by artist Joan A Brown
Rocky Mountain Sunset Oil Painting by Artist Joan A Brown

“Rocky Mountain Sunset” oil painting artwork, by Artist Joan A Brown, selected and licensed as the cover art for “Waiting On God“, a collection of 105 heartfelt poems by Sierra Hrappstead.

My Feelings On Creating The “Waiting on God” Cover Art

First of all, I thought I won the jackpot several years ago after my poster art was selected as the winning marketing poster design for the book Medicine River, “a novel written by author Thomas King. It was first published by Viking Canada in 1989. The book was later adapted (1993) into a television movie starring Graham Greene and Tom Jackson.” Medicine River

That experience, however, although a great accomplishment in my creative experience, pales in comparison to the road recently travelled with Sierra Hrappstead. Incidentally, both of these milestones occurred during very difficult periods in my personal life, yet played significant roles in helping me cope and get through in the way my creative process always has.

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Joan A Brown Creative Milestones

Furthermore, drafting an artist/license agreement that Sierra and I would both be happy with was an interesting learning process, a creative milestone I’m truly grateful for today, because it has helped me in the process of creating subsequent agreements. Research coupled with plenty of communication between Sierra and myself over several months was an important key factor in making our venture a successful and amicable one.

Additionally, Sierra’s patience and flexible mindset went a long way in helping to make this experience not only a learning experience, but also another pleasurable and timely creative milestone.

“Finally, Sierra! It’s been an unexpected pleasure as well as personal enlightenment travelling this portion of our personal journeys together.”


sierra hrappstead book inside cover img
“Waiting On God book” inside cover

Tomorrow Will Come“, “Waiting On God“,
Hrappstead, 2018, p.15:

Above all, I want to especially take this opportunity to acknowledge Sierra Hrappstead for seeing the beauty and the passion I put into my paintings—in fact, all my works. I am truly grateful to her and thank her for choosing “Rocky Mountain Sunset” oil painting to represent something so special and close to her heart. It’s been an honour and a pleasure collaborating with her. I trust that our journey will allow us to come together on another creative project in the future.

To purchase a copy of Sierra’s book: “Waiting On God
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Prairieview Press

Likewise, I’d also like to acknowledge @leonscott8482 for his consultation on the initial development of the artist agreement with Sierra.

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Patrickk · October 11, 2020 at 12:28 pm

Sweet story that tells a lot about your passion for this God-given skill of Art and beyond.

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