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Art Giveaway

Art Giveaway This Week! Folks I’m clearing out the old to make room for the new. Some of you have followed my creative journey over the years. I’ve decided to have an art giveaway as a token of my gratitude Read More…

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Workshop Schedule 2021

How to paint calm water with oils: A step-by-step Zoom workshop for beginner oil paint enthusiasts One of my favourite subjects to paint in a landscape painting is water. A body of water in a painting contributes so much to Read More…

Artist Joan A Brown House on the Prairie commission acrylic painting image

Memories on Easel

About My Current Creations A significant turning point for me in terms of how I produce and create my art came in the year 2018. I was transitioning through a more authentic version of myself. This realization is now reflected Read More…

One Buuri Project Shea Butter Sale for Artist Joan A Brown Website Promo img

The Benefits of Shea Butter

I’ve conducted my own research to help me better understand the benefits of Shea Butter. I’ve used Shea Butter for years now, but I never understood how it does such a fantastic job at keeping my skin soft and youthful—the Read More…

artist Joan A Brown One Buuri Ghana Shea tree img

One Buuri Shea Butter Sale

About One Buuri Shea Butter One of the ways I’m helping One Buuri Project raise funds is through the marketing and sale of their high quality organic shea butter produced by the women of the One Buuri Shea Butter Project. Read More…

artway meet n greet 2020 postponed featured img


Artist Meet and Greet: Joan A Brown | Creative By Nature Hello Friends…I’m sorry to have to announce that this event is being postponed until further notice. My apologies if this has caused any inconveniences. Thank you for your interest. Read More…

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