About One Buuri Shea Butter

One of the ways I’m helping One Buuri Project raise funds is through the marketing and sale of their high quality organic shea butter produced by the women of the One Buuri Shea Butter Project.

packaged One Buuri organic shea butter img
One Buuri Organic Shea Butter packaged in 1 kgs each

ONE BUURI Shea Butter Available for SALE Shipping to USA and CANADA

The One Buuri Shea Butter Mission

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve partnered with the organizers of One Buuri Shea Butter Project to raise much needed funds to aid ONE BUURI in their mission create employment and support women in their community.

The Shea Butter project is operated out of Kassina Nankani municipality in Ghana. Their core programs are women and youth empowerment, rural child support, permaculture activities, preservation and promotion of indigenous cultures.

For more information about One Buuri and the One Buuri Shea Butter project fundraiser, click here.

How is Shea butter produced?

One Buuri Shea Butter is 100% raw and unrefined; handmade by the women of the One Buuri project. It is then carefully packaged and shipped directly from Kassina Nankani municipality in Ghana.

Click here if you’d like to learn more about how the women of the One Buuri project produce their Grade ‘A’ Shea Butter.

Because One Buuri Shea Butter is produced entirely by hand, the cold- pressed method of this product may contain particles such as tiny bits of shells due to the unrefined, non-process state of the Shea butter.

One Buuri Shea Butter has no artificial colors, no additives, no artificial fragrances, and no chemical enhancements. In its pure unrefined form, the One Buuri Shea Butter does have a nutty and smokey aroma typical of natural organic shea Butter.

Benefits of Shea Butter?

I personally use One Buuri Shea butter and can tell you for a fact, it does a fantastic job at keeping my skin super moist and youthful. So what are some other benefits of Shea butter?

  • Helps prevents acne and keloids
  • Beneficial fatty acid leaves skin soft and supple
  • Antibacterial, antifungal,
  • It’s anti-inflammatory, as well as an antioxidant
  • Safely use on all skin types
  • It’s hydrating and moisturizing
  • Ingredient for homemade body butters, lotions,
    facial moisturizers, lip balms, lotion bars and more,
  • Contains moisturizing vitamins A, E, F, K,

Would You Like To Help?

Click here to donate to help support the women who produce One Buuri Shea butter

Women of One Buuri project shea butter img2
Women of the One Buuri Project beating Shea nuts
If you’d like more information about the One Buuri Shea Butter Project, please Contact Charles Alemna.
Email: onebuuri@gmail.com
WhatsApp: +233277084350

Order Your Shea Butter Now!

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