About Lunch One Day Pencil Drawing

Lunch One Day a still life pencil drawing on a 17.5 in x 20.75 on white artist drawing paper

Original Lunch One Day Pencil Drawing by Artist Joan A Brown
Brown Bag Lunch

This original pencil drawing shows a “crumpled” brown paper bag, a scrumptious apple, and a daring jalapeno pepper, and a hard-boiled egg still on a sheet of construction paper.

Did you know – Fun Trivia???

The concept of bringing a meal [lunch] to work dates back to the mid-1800s. The historical facts about lunch reveal that farmers and industrial workers, who couldn’t come home at noon, stuffed food, such as hard-boiled eggs, veggies, meat, pie and coffee, into old cleaned-out tobacco tins or sturdy dinner pails. [Taken from Reader’s digest.ca]

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