Sunlight Acrylic Landscape Painting was a fun little project. I’m always open to trying new ways of doing my craft. I was inspired to create this set after watching a Bob Ross “Joy of Painting” episode where he combined acrylics and oils in a single painting. I appreciate the fact that I’m able to combine two different mediums and arrive at something completely different that still resembles my style of realistic paintings.

About The Title

Peace Love and Light” is a phrase I use quite often as a kindred salutation when communicating with those I have regards for. Peace, love and light is a mindset I began focusing on a few years ago when I started my spiritual transformation and inner reflection and self-love. Since then my works have become more refined from a spiritual level. I connect deeper with my authentic self and as such my paintings and other art reflect this welcome change.

This artwork is an original mixed media project consisting of one subject painted across a series of three (3) 8 x 10 inch stretched canvases. They were painted using a combination of black acrylics, then glazed on top with oil colors. This is a very different painting technique for me, but what I liked the most is that I’m able to combine two different mediums into one and arrive at something completely different that still resembles my painting style. Furthermore, the acrylics dried quickly, allowing me to apply the thin washes of oils, which also dried rapidly. Boom! The paintings were completed in less time than it would have taken me to complete three small oil paintings.

This painting has a light layer of varnish meant for the preservation of the piece. Keep away from bright sunlight. Peace Love and Light is an original painting (not a print), painted on three stretched canvases. This lovely original artwork set would make a beautiful gift that will appreciate in value over time and will compliment and enhance any room in your home or office!

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