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ONE BUURI 100% raw, unrefined 120ml Shea Butter c/o 🇨🇦 Artist 👩🏾‍🎨 Joan A Brown.

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One Buuri Project Fundraiser

ONE BUURI Fundraiser Shea Butter 120ml Jar. 100% raw, unrefined; organic Shea Butter.
c/o 🇨🇦 Artist 👩🏾‍🎨 Joan A Brown. Click here to learn more about this fundraiser c/o 🇨🇦Joan A Brown.
All proceeds from the sale of One Buuri Shea Butter is donated to Empowering Women & Youths of the One Buuri Project.


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Shea fruits

How One Buuri Shea butter is Hand-made

  1. The Shea fruits are picked from the Bush,
  2. Kernels/nuts are then extracted from fruit,
  3. Kernels/nuts are washed and,
  4. Dried and sorted by hand for quality,
  5. Then Crushed Roasted,
  6. Roasted nuts/ kernels are milled into paste,
  7. Water is added to paste and kneaded to emulsify oil,
  8. Boil emulsified oil to eliminate water and sanitize,
  9. Strain purified oil to separate from Shea residue,
  10. Oil is allowed to cool and solidify,
  11. Packaging

How to use
Place small amounts of Shea Butter in palm of hands. Rub palms together to melt Shea Butter and apply light coats of the melted oil on your skin. For extreme dry skin apply as needed throughout the day.

Safely use on hair
Less is more. apply small amounts to help tame the hair. Work the Shea Butter in palm of hand to melt it, then apply to hair scrunching the hair between fingers as you work the hair (referencing Black hair). Use just enough oil on hair until tamed and glossy but not greasy.

Store remaining Shea Butter either in a sealed plastic or covered glass container in a cool, dry and dark place. Does not require refrigeration.

Shelf Life
Unrefined Shea Butter typically lasts one year to 18 months. Shelf life is lessened if mixed with other ingredients.

Help support Empowering Women & Youths of the One Buuri Project Fundraiser

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